About Wearables For The Workplace

About Wearables For The Workplace

When wearable technology surfaced, it changed the way we did our jobs forever. Of course, what we see today (or better said, wear) is just the beginning. Technology in workplaces, particularly the wearable kind, will eventually replace many other robust products, like laptops and computers.

Man wearing a smartwatch.

We will come to work on projected screens with enhanced reality, and most of what we need to do our jobs will be reduced to the tiny watches on our wrists. And don’t worry, there won’t be any informational apocalypse going on. In fact, let’s see some of the advantages of using wearables in the office.

Benefits Of Wearable Technology

Answering calls all day, opening emails and writing replies or responding to text messages are all counter-productive chores. And this is precisely where one of the greatest perks of wearable technology can come in handy. Two words:

  • Hands-free. In the near future, we won’t need to use our hands as much as we do now. Instead, we’ll be using voice-commands. We are already able to answer the phone with our voices, but this doesn’t hold a candle to what will become a reality in the next years.
  • Wearables in the workplace will impact the way in which we collect and share information and company data. The storage capacity on smartwatches, for instance, will be greater than anyone could’ve ever imagined. This will allow employees to have instant access to the entire bulk of information concerning the companies they’re working for. 
  • Apps specifically tailored for businesses will eventually replace all those towers of waste paper we accumulate on our desks. Task assignment could be done with a simple voice command. Video surveillance, too, will become more and more of a thing. Wearable technology in the workplace is just picking up ground.

A List Of Wearable Gadgets For The Office

Working at the office is undoubtedly the main cause of a sedentary lifestyle, especially when you go home and you just crash on the sofa. Luckily, you could change all that with some wearable tech products.

Fitness Trackers

A fitness tracker should always be a part of your outfit, especially when you sit in your chair all day long. Such a device will notify you when you’ve been sitting for too long. Basically, it will go off to let you know it’s time for you to get moving for a while.

Some companies actually provide trackers to their employees, so they stay healthy and alert. In a few years, this type of wearable tech could become compulsory. Nothing wrong with that.

In-ear Real Time Translators

Clik, manufactured by Mymanu, for instance, is a small earbud that will translate up to 37 languages in real time. Can you imagine the implications of this groundbreaking device that fits on the tip of your finger?

In-ear real time translators.

Smart Suits

Unfortunately, smart suits are available only in Korea at the moment, but they’ll definitely take the world by storm in the years to come. The NFC Smart Suit, created by Samsung, will be connected to your phone and will serve as an interactive interface.

Smart Glasses

You might have heard of the Vuzix glasses. It’s just that they’re not really glasses, but a quite powerful computer with full HDMI. These glasses will offer unparalleled access to company data, as they’re equipped with an Intel Atom processor.

Think about it – twenty years ago, an Intel Atom processor on a computer was a surreal thing. Now, you will have it on a pair of glasses.


Vigo is a hands-free Bluetooth set that will help those who drive at their jobs to stay focused on the road. It tracks the movements of your eyes and your head. Whenever you feel tired or sleepy, it will vibrate.

Concluding Remarks

Wearables for the workplace have high chances of becoming the biggest thing of the 21st century. Soon enough, our offices will look a lot different. Clutter will disappear, and so will our stress.

Man wearing smart glasses.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’re prepared for the future. Because guess what – it doesn’t care whether or not you’re ready for it, it’s going to come nonetheless, and your life will be changed to 360o.

Consider purchasing one of these devices to make your life at the office a lot easier and healthier!

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