Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle In-depth Review

Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle In-depth Review

Most of the times, fitness trackers are bulky products that stand out on your wrist. But the ladies are not all that keen on that type. They want trackers that not only do their job, but also confer them a certain degree of style.

If that’s the case, then the Fitbit Flex 2 is pretty much the best purchase you can make. If you’re not familiar with this item that looks too cool to be true, this review will definitely be of great interest to you.

About The Product

Fitbit’s accessory comes in the form of a slim, gorgeous little bracelet.

It is so delicate that you might expect it to break if you put it on your wrist. That won’t happen, don’t worry.

It can be purchased in either 22k-plated gold, rose gold or silver. And believe me, any of these will do.

The bacelet was made with stainless steel.

Therefore, you can be sure it’s going to last you (and possibly even outlive you).

Fitbit Flex 2 Accessory Bangle.


This will cover your ugly tracker and transform it into the perfect accessory for any occasion. And evidently, it goes with pretty much any outfit you might be wearing.

What We Liked

Obviously, the greatest advantage of this product is that it turns your tracker into a fantastic piece of jewelry. The fact that it was made with stainless steel and it’s plated with either silver or gold is another perk, because these ensure its durability.

Another advantage is that it does not feel heavy on one’s wrist. In fact, it’s so light that from time to time, you have to look at it to make sure it’s there!

What We Didn’t Like

My main concern with this bracelet, to which, I’m sure, many other people can subscribe, is that sometimes, it comes off the wrist. I think the clasp is somehow defective.

There were many customers who had the same problem. Fitbit should definitely solve this issue sooner than later because it would be a pity for people to stop purchasing it.

Apart from this, there’s nothing I didn’t like about it. The price is fair, it looks cool and all in all, it turns your tracker into a fashion statement.

Buying Advice

I’m positive you can find this on multiple websites all around the Internet. Just a piece of advice you might want to consider: Amazon has the best prices for this particular item. Plus, you get some really cool bundle offers.

Fitbit Flex 2 Accessory Bangle on hand.


My Verdict

To sum it all up, considering the price, this bracelet is a dream come true. All ladies will enjoy it, regardless of age. I recommend this, of course, but unfortunately, it has the great downside of going off the wrist.

But, if you’re a more optimistic person, you won’t let this minor disadvantage hold you down from getting it for yourself or, why not, for somebody else, as a beautiful gift. It’s the least ostentatious piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen.

Our Rating

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