Mira Wellness And Activity Bracelet Review

Mira Wellness And Activity Bracelet Review

I think all ladies can agree that if a tracker has the size of a rock, it’s not much of a thing you’d want to wear on your wrist. Not even men like those big products. But then again, women are so much more concerned with their appearance!

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re always on the lookout for perfect trackers that complement their outfit. The Mira Wellness and Activity Bracelet does just that, so you’ve come to the right place.

About The Product

The name of the product should give you a hint of what it is: yes, indeed, it is a bracelet, but also a tracker. In fact, the tracker can be removed from the bracelet whenever you please.

Mira Wellness and Activity Bracelet.

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It doesn’t look bad in combination with it at all. The color (midnight purple, we’re told it’s called) is really stylish, despite the fact that it’s quite dark.

The device is able to keep track of the elevation, burned calories, steps and distance.

It’s compatible with both iOS and Android and charges through a USB. And it’s made with surgical steel, which won’t make it prone to rust.

Pay attention to the fact that this can be bought in three sizes: medium, small and petite.

Make sure you get the size that fits your wrist.

What We Liked

For starters, it looks good. Secondly, the tracker is removable and can be clipped to various items of clothing. It’s no bigger than a button, which is great.

And of course, since we’ve talked about size ruining otherwise an efficient tracker, this one is light and slim. Moreover, the tracker can be synced with the Mira app on your phone. This will provide you with even more accurate readings.

What We Didn’t Like

There are two main cons about this product: it’s not as durable as one would wish it to be and the display is so tiny that you can barely read the numbers.

I’m not just saying all these. Many other customers have complained about the very same downsides, so it’s a universal disappointment.

Buying Advice

Whenever I consider purchasing something new, I always go on Amazon. I’m a long-time fan of the website, and for good reasons.

First, it’s got the best prices. Secondly, you could get some really good discounts, as well as free shipping.

Of course, the decision is entirely yours.

I’m just pointing you towards a service I know it won’t let you down no matter what.

Woman wearing Mira Wellness and Activity Bracelet.

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Final Thoughts

All things considered, this is a good product, although it has some obvious issues that must be addressed by the manufacturer. It’s certainly more expensive than other bracelet trackers, but I honestly don’t find that to be a problem.

I do recommend it, and I’ll recommend you, too, to have good care of it, so it doesn’t break. This is a discreet, light tracker that all women will definitely enjoy. I’ve had mine for one month now, and I’m still pleased with it.

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